Tim Stalcup

Tim Stalcup is founder of the Linguistics Enthusiasts Club. He loves to discuss phonetics, phonemics, morphology, syntax, semantics, and applied linguistics. He was born in 1984 and moved to south Texas when he was four years old. At that age, he was surprised to learn that English is not the first language of some people. He was dumbfounded to find that some of his friends in Mexico spoke Spanish fluently before even learning English.

Tim does not claim the title of professional expert in linguistics, but rather a speech enthusiast, a language hobbyist, and an amateur linguist. He has enjoyed self-study in this topic, and may someday pursue a degree in the subject. In 2009, Tim Traveled to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to visit the languages of the people of central Asia. He traveled to Dushanbe, Panjakent, Zarafobod, Khorugh, Ishkashim, Drizh in the Wakhan, and Bishkek. While he was there, he was thrilled to meet an elderly gentleman who spoke Yagnobi. Many people spoke Tajik and Russian, and others spoke Pamiri languages including Shugni, Ishkashim, and Wakhi. Two highlights of the trip were the opportunities to travel across the country with locals and the invitations to spend a night as a “mehmon” (guest) in the homes of locals.

In 2012, Tim traveled to India to briefly visit the provinces of Tamil Nadu and Kerala for a couple of weeks. While he was there, he was invited to discourse with linguistic students in Coimbatore on the subject of morphology.

Presently he has been researching in the field of morphology and has been collecting his research in a book that will help explain his finidings. The book has been a work in progress for a few years. In 2018, he is planning a trip to Afghanistan where he hopes to gain new exposure to the languages Dari and Pashto and possibly others. He hopes to incorporate some language data into the book.