May 2017

Dear prayer partners,

Since our last prayer letter, the Lord has given us opportunity to  present NYC Muslim Missions in churches in Anacortes, WA; Puyallup, WA;  Salem, OR; Aumsville, OR; Surrey, BC; Bellingham, WA; Kennewick, WA; Ellensburg, WA; Centralia, WA; Ontario, OR; Summerville, OR; Hermiston, OR, North Bend, OR; Lodi, CA; and Langley, BC.


  1. The Lord kept the vehicle running and kept us awake and safe in the 6300 miles we traveled in the West.
  2. The Lord gave us a full schedule.  We had the opportunity to cross paths with our dear brother Evangelist Norman Stevens who reminded me that God doesn’t promise to fill everyone’s schedule a year in advance.  But as we are faithful to Him and doing what we need to do, the Lord will put us in the right places.  Our schedule was packed solid while we were in the West.  One pastor even invited us to his missions conference that began three days after I talked with him.
  3. The Lord blessed us with a place to sleep and wheels to drive for the 2 months we were out West.  Bellingham Baptist Church was the church who first invited us to the West.  This church showered us with the love of Christ far beyond missions conference.  They let us stay in their missions apartment, were financially generous, let us use their Suburban, gave me a book, and became good friends to us.   Every pastor and every church we visited in the West were extremely generous in hospitality, fellowship, and financial assistance.
  4. God prompted several churches to generously help with medical bills!
  5. The Lord led a couple of churches to add us to their missions family for monthly support.  A couple of other churches said that they will soon.
  6. God gave us a van!   We did not know how we were going to travel with 2 children, ministry presentation materials and our clothes in a car.  After praying for wisdom and provision, the Lord gave us a van.  God provided a van for a pastor, so he was left with one to give away.  We are excited!  We installed a closet rod and have had fun getting drawers for organizing the space behind the kids.  Anna Faith even gets a DVD player!

Prayer requests: 

  1. Pray that we would have a profitable time in New York City in June.
  2. Pray that God would grant a full schedule in the coming months.
  3. Pray for witnessing opportunities and boldness to take advantage of them.  At a Boise, ID, mosque Dudiri was open to discussing the Gospel.  Sam and Allison had vehicle trouble in the mountains of Oregon.  I pray that all three of them will turn from their works to trusting Christ.
  4. Pray for David and Heather Packard.  Pastor Packard moved to an Urdu-speaking Pakistan neighborhood in Lodi, California.  Two months ago he became pastor of a Big Valley Bible Baptist Church which is only three doors down from the mosque.  Every single day Muslim men walk in front of the church, talk on the sidewalks, and sit in the park across the street as their children play.  Each day numerous Muslim men and children meet there for prayers.  On Friday, the majority of the community goes to the mosque for communal prayer.    Pray for the Packards and the church to have wisdom and boldness as they witness to the mission field that has come to them.

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