March 2017

Prayer Letter March 20, 2017

Dear prayer partners,
We would love to share numerous first-time experiences God has given us lately.

FIRST CHURCHES WE VISITED IN 2017: Since our last prayer letter, the Lord has given us opportunity to  present NYC Muslim Missions at Good News Bap. Ch. (NC), Emmanuel Bap. Ch. (WV), and Heritage Bap. Ch. (VA).

FIRST 6 WEEKS FOR JR: Little Timmy’s arrival has reminded us of God’s love for man despite our messes, demand for sustenance, and often fussing.  We have enjoyed having Timmy join our team to go to NYC.  Anna Faith is enjoying being a big sister.

FIRST MONTH IN FULL-TIME DEPUTATION:  In order to be able to spend time on the road, we are now in full-time deputation.  This has allowed us to travel to a missions conference in Virginia and to head to the Northwest for several weeks.

FIRST AIRPLANE TRIP FOR ANNA FAITH: Anna Faith is thoroughly excited about getting to board an airplane for the first time March 21.  We are traveling to Washington and Oregon. Please pray for opportunities to be a witness in our travels and that we would recognize these opportunities.

FIRST NEW SUPPORT IN 2017:  We were greatly encouraged that the church we were just at for missions conference voted to add us and several other missionaries to their missions family.  Praise the Lord!

FIRST TIME TO SEE WHAT OCCURS INSIDE AN ISLAMIC PRAYER HOUSE: About a week ago I had an opportunity to observe the inside of an Islamic masjid for Friday prayers.  Two of the 18 men were converts–American young men in their early twenties.  The fact is that Islam wants to convert you and your children and your family and your neighbors.  Instead, let’s get the Gospel to the Muslims.

Prayer Requests:
A full schedule and safe travels
That churches would be encouraged
Wisdom in planning
Spirit-filled witness

Healthy arrival of Timmy, Jr.
A large gift to help with medical bills
Payment for health insurance for 6 mos.

Thank you for your prayer and financial support!
Tim, Kristin, Anna Faith, Timmy, Jr. Stalcup

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