Tim’s Testimony

One evening when I was a young child Dad explained to me the truth of Rom 5:8.  That truth is that while I was yet a sinner, Christ died for me. On August 21, 1987, in our house in Kansas City I trusted that Jesus Christ died in my place for my sin. Our family was involved in evangelistic work in Mexico and Texas for 10 years. I was baptized in Mexico at 6 years old. In fourth grade at a revival service I dedicated my life to Christ. It was during a missions conference as I was a young teenager when I first considered the need to carry the Good News of Christ’s salvation to Muslims. After graduating from Ambassador Baptist College I received a certificate in linguistics at Baptist Bible Translators Institute. In 2009 I had the privilege of traveling to Central Asia where the Lord gave me a concern for the people of Afghanistan. In the summer of 2012 in my personal Bible reading, I was challenged from Hebrews 13 regarding remembering the persecuted and serving the Lord no matter the cost.
We have enjoyed singing in our church’s choir, working in the Christmas drama, teaching boys’ Sunday School, directing the Master Clubs (elementary grades Wednesday program), and serving in church visitation together.  Now Emmanuel Baptist Church is sending us to share the Good News among the Muslims of New York City.  In March of 2018 I had the exciting opportunity to spend some time in Afghanistan.  There the Lord confirmed in my heart a love for these people and confirmed that He has called us to share His love with immigrants in our country.

Kristin’s Testimony

I also had the privilege of being raised in a Christian home. In Rockford, IL, on October 30, 1994, Mom explained that I was a sinner in need of a perfect Savior. “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Rom 10:13). That night I trusted Christ was the payment for my sin. The following year, I was baptized at Windsor Baptist Church. I had the privilege of attending North Love Christian School from kindergarten to twelfth grade. In a high school chapel I surrendered my life to the Lord to be used of Him however He should choose. I attended Bob Jones University from 2005-2009 and received a Bachelors Degree in Special Education with an English minor. After graduation, I taught for four years at Tabernacle Baptist Academy in Virginia Beach, VA. During one missions conference at Tabernacle Baptist Church, the Lord specifically worked in my heart to surrender to whatever mission field He may lead me next in my life.

The Stalcup Family

Tim and Kristin were married on July 4th, 2013 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Kristin’s parents are Art and Connie Roberson who still live in Virginia Beach.  Tim’s parents are Paul and Barbara Stalcup who live in Iowa. The Lord blessed Tim and Kristin with a daughter Anna Faith Shirin Stalcup November 2, 2014. Timothy Richard Pesar Stalcup, Jr. was born February 5, 2017.  Tim and Kristin are thankful for parents who have taught them the truth of God and enjoy passing on God’s Word to the next generation.  They look forward to the day that each of their children understand the mystery of the Gospel and accept it personally.  Tim’s employment has been forklift operator. One of Tim’s hobbies is studying linguistics–the science of language.  Kristin graduated from Bob Jones with a degree in teaching and taught at Tabernacle Christian Academy for four years before we were married.  She now enjoys helping moms stay home to provide extra income with an all-natural, direct-sales, hair-care product. The Stalcups live in North Carolina and are making plans to move to the metropolitan community of Flushing in Queens, New York City.

The Stalcup Heritage–where did the name come from?

Timothy Richard Pesar Stalcup, II is the thirteenth generation to continue the family name Stalcup.  This has been a heritage of travelers, adventurers and frontiersmen. The first man with this name was a man who came from Sweden.  His name was originally Johan Anderson. He moved to Delaware in 1641 and was a military officer defending the Swedish fort. His officer regalia included a coat called a stalcofta which gave him the nickname, “The Stallcop.” Embracing the name, he put it on legal documents.  Johan came to know Jesus Christ as His Savior a few years after arriving in America.  His son was Peter Stallcop. The third generation was named after his grandfather–John Stallcop. The fourth was named Peter Stallcop like his grandfather. His son William Stallcop moved to North Carolina. The sixth generation Eli Stallcup sold his farm in North Carolina and moved his family north of Nashville, Tennessee. The seventh generation, Stephen Stalcup, moved to Indiana. Wesley and his brother were Stephen’s sons who pioneered in the frontiers of Iowa.  They operated a saw mill to convert native logs into building lumber. Wesley’s son John Stalcup was well-known in his Iowa farming community for his great physical strength.  He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior when a young lady witnessed to him.  Eventually he married that young lady.  Clarence Stalcup found new life in Jesus Christ years ago when he was born again into the family of God.  He was raised on a farm in southern Iowa and taught the Word of God to teenagers for decades.  The eleventh generation is Paul Stalcup who also accepted Christ as His personal Savior in His youth.  He works at the lumber yard in his town. The twelfth generation includes Timothy Richard Stalcup, Sr.  Timothy named his son Timothy Richard Pesar Stalcup, II.  Timmy, Jr, is thus the thirteenth generation in the Stalcup legacy.