The Tim Stalcup Family

Tim and Kristin were married on July 4th, 2013 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Kristin’s parents are Art and Connie Roberson who still live in Virginia Beach.  Tim’s parents are Paul and Barbara Stalcup who live in Iowa.  The Stalcups enjoy working together as a family, singing in choir, traveling across the country or around the globe, and meeting new friends.  The Lord blessed them with a daughter Anna Faith Shirin Stalcup November 2, 2014. Timothy Richard Pesar Stalcup, Jr. was born February 5, 2017.  Tim chose to become a Christian when he was living in Kansas City.  Tim and Kristin enjoy teaching their children to be respectful, to be diligent workers, to love others, and to submit themselves to the God of Abraham. Tim’s employment has been forklift operator. Tim’s passion is linguistics–the science of language. They live in North Carolina and are making plans to move to the metropolitan community of Flushing in Queens, New York City.

The Stalcup Heritage

Timothy Richard Pesar Stalcup, II is the thirteenth generation to continue the family name Stalcup.  This has been a heritage of travelers, adventurers and frontiersmen. The first man with this name was a man who came from Sweden.  His name was Johan Stallcop. He moved to Delaware in 1641. His son was Peter Stallcop. The third was named after his grandfather–John Stallcop. The fourth was named Peter Stallcop like his grandfather. His son William Stallcop moved to North Carolina. The sixth generation Eli Stallcup sold his farm in North Carolina and moved his family north of Nashville, Tennessee. The seventh generation, Stephen Stalcup, moved to Indiana. Wesley and his brother were Stephen’s sons who pioneered in the frontiers of Iowa.  They operated a saw mill to convert native logs into building lumber. Wesley’s son John Stalcup was known as a big man–a strong farmer. Clarence Stalcup is known throughout southern Iowa today as a man of impeccable character and a man who experienced God’s love and showed this love and respect in kindness to others in the community. The eleventh generation is Paul Stalcup who carries on the work-ethic of his great-grandfather by working in a lumber yard. The twelfth generation Timothy Richard Stalcup, Sr. is a fork-lift driver by trade and is a linguistics enthusiast by hobby. Thus Timothy Richard Pesar Stalcup, Jr. is the thirteenth generation in the Stalcup legacy.