Tim and Kristin Stalcup
Anna Faith & Timmy

Carrying the Gospel to
New York City

Queens, New York, is home to immigrants from North Africa, from the Middle East, from Central Asia and from remote corners of the world. We are excited to move to NYC to build harvest relationships among Hindus, Catholics, Buddhists, Jews, and Muslim immigrants who are trusting their good works for salvation.  They need to hear that Jesus Christ is the only way to reconciliation with the Creator. The Lord has called us to this work, particularly in showing His love for souls steeped in Islam. God has given us a love particularly for immigrants from Afghanistan. We are eager to show the love of Christ with our neighbors in NYC.  We want to encourage the churches of NYC with their evangelism. We will be primarily working with Heritage Baptist Church.
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The Plan

“…Every kindred and tongue and people and nation…” will gather around God’s throne (Rev 5:9).  He will accomplish His plan.  As we go to the mission field, we trust Christ and not our own plans. Yet as we are trusting Him to do this work, we are His ambassadors.  As stewards of our calling, we offer a plan of action for seeing Muslims get saved, be baptized, and be discipled in the local church.
Thank you for praying that we will continue to know God’s will and sense His direction.  We want to follow God’s plans rather than ask Him to approve ours.  It is our privilege to represent you in reaching NYC with the Gospel.

Our pastor Jim Ogle has encouraged us to prepare for long-term ministry in witnessing to Muslims about the one true God who gave His life for them.

  • We will be hospitable neighbors among them in their community in Queens.
  • We will better get to know our neighbors by taking classes to learn the Afghan language Dari.
  • We plan to gain certification in teaching English, Lord willing through Cambridge CELTA.
  • We will volunteer at a community center or refugee resettlement agency.
Believers must maintain intentional, repeated interaction with others and not only random, chance encounters.  This is especially true with immigrants from an honor/shame culture.

  • We plan to establish a community center under the mentorship of Brother Tom Wallace’s Missions to Muslims Network. To create repeated encounters with our neighbors we plan to work with Heritage Baptist Church in establishing a place where we can minister to a variety of the physical needs that immigrants may have when they come to America.  This might include teaching English or computer literacy or providing some other service.  Is this the end goal of evangelism?  Absolutely not.  But it is a simple way that we can create purposeful occasions to meet with these people repeatedly as we exalt Christ and share the Gospel.
  • We plan to help Heritage Baptist Church establish an international student evangelism ministry. A vast number of of the world’s leaders come to America for an education. This includes young people who come here as atheists, as Buddhists, as Hindus, or as Muslims.  We look forward to working with Heritage Baptist Church in establishing an International Student Organization for the purpose of weekly Bible study on a local campus.  We have the opportunity to impact young people who have come here seeking training, knowledge, and life skills.  What a time to give offer the Way, the Truth, and the Life—which all is in Jesus Christ.  We appreciate the resources and experience from Collegians for Christ and other organizations that already have a platform for an Independent Baptist Church to use for establishing a registered student organization on campus.  
The local church must evangelize and disciple its community.

  • We are excited to work with Heritage Baptist Church. Immigrants find Heritage to be a unified body of people from around the world.
  • We are excited to encourage the pastors and independent Baptist churches of NYC in their witness. We want to share the Gospel (the Good News that Jesus Christ gives eternal life to all who will trust Him for it) We want to share this message with people who do not know that Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh who died and rose again to give mankind eternal life.
Through your partnership with us, we have two long-term goals.

  • We pray that many who are saved out of Islam will be discipled and grounded in the Word of God to start churches that preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • We pray that international students will continue to be discipled online when they return home.  We pray that international students returning to creative-access countries will start new Bible-preaching churches for the glory of the one true God.
Sending church: Emmanuel Baptist of Kings Mountain, NC
Assisting Agency: World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions
Training: Ambassador Baptist College of Lattimore, NC
NYC church: Heritage Baptist Church
Partnership: Missions to Muslims Network

“Pastors often want to know who a potential ministry partner affiliates with. We do not affiliate with one particular fellowship, camp, or school. We are simply conservative, fundamental, independent, Baptists. So, we naturally feel at home with churches that are conservative, fundamental, eternally-secure, independent Baptists who are not Calvinist, who are not Landmark. We are not saying that affiliations are wrong or that we are trying to avoid affiliations. Churches are free to associate with a particular camp or promote a particular association, fellowship, or college. But if you are sold on one camp, we probably aren’t in it.” Tim Stalcup