What is truth?

Roman Governor Pontius Pilate asked the question “What is truth?”  Jesus Christ had told him that He came to bear witness of the truth (John 18:37). He also came to be the way the truth and the life (John 14:6).

What is life?

Jesus Christ told a Samaritan woman that he offered living water that could fill every thirst. Would you like to quench the deepest thirsts in your life? Every man and every woman is at odds with his Creator and needs to be reconciled to God.  This does not happen through religion or personal effort but through accepting what Jesus Christ has already done for you.  Has your relationship with your Creator been made right?

May we bring you a Bible?

We learn about what Christ has done for us through God’s Word for mankind.  The Bible is the inspired, preserved Words of God.  Do you have a copy of the Bible?  If not, may we give you one?  Tell us what language you prefer it in and, if you live in the NYC metro area, what address to bring it to.  My name is Tim Stalcup.  Email me at timstalcup@gmail.com.  Or text me at 347-738-1993.  We would be honored to carry to you the Words of God in your language.

We are the Stalcup family. Emmanuel Baptist Church in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, has sent us to permanently move to New York City as Bible teachers to carry the life-giving Good News—the Good News of how Jesus Christ has provided eternal life for whoever would like to have it.